Vasanta Pañcamī

Learn about and celebrate Mā Sarasvatī during this joyful and profound spring holiday celebration.
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The Goddess Sarasvatī

Vasanta Pañcamī is a beautiful and sacred spring celebration where we honor fresh inspiration, learning, and new growth.

It is also the day we honor our beloved goddess Sarasvatī, the power of knowledge, creativity, wisdom, art, music, mantra, intellect, and divine inspiration.

This interactive course goes deep into many different aspects of this festival, as well as the goddess who inspired it.

Course Lessons


Shivani Hawkins
Senior product manager
Ekabhumi Ellik
Senior product manager
Hema Patankar
Senior product manager
Maitreya Larios
Senior product manager
Shambhavi Dandekar
Senior product manager
This course is part of an introductory series on annual sacred celebrations, and their associated deities and practices.