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Rāma Navamī

Learn about Lord Rāma and traditional devotional practices for this sacred holiday.
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Honoring Śrī Rāma

Rāma Navamī is the first major celebration after most of India celebrates the New Year. It celebrates Śrī Rāma, one of the most beloved forms of God in the tradition.

This interactive course explores many different teachings and practices to deepen your relationship and understanding for Śrī Rāma. For example, we will study the underlying yogic wisdom of the Rāmāyaṇa, learn some of his mantras, understand the significance of his bow and arrow, make his unique prasāda, learn to write his name, and celebrate him through various sacred arts.

Course Lessons


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This course is part of an introductory series on annual celebrations, and their associated deities and practices.