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The Fierce Protector

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The Half-Man, Half-Lion God

Bhagavān Narasiṁha is an incarnation of Bhagavān Viṣṇu, the sustaining power of the universe. He embodies a very fierce divine grace and love – one that has no limitations on what He is willing to do to protect us.

Especially revered in the southern regions of India, He is said to free us from any dark, violent, or malevolent energies – within ourselves or others. His worship cultivates profound courage and freedom from fear.

In this sacred art course, we will learn a mantra to invoke His blessing power, and also make our own icon of Narasiṁha. Beginning with a blank page, we will follow principles of sacred geometry as outlined in the ancient śilpa-śāstra-s.

The specific form we are drawing is Yoga-Narasiṁha, a very benevolent form that is suitable for a home altar. You do not need to have any prior art or spiritual training – there will be guidance every step of the way.

All lessons will be recorded and you can follow along at your own pace.


This is the icon of Yoga-Narasiṁha we will create in this course. Students will begin with drawing a grid that is based off of sacred geometry and proportions, and then be guided every step of the way to completion. The deity is made in a ritual and meditative manner with precise steps (so you do not need any prior experience with drawing), and we draw while repeating mantra.

Live Class Schedule

April 2nd, 2023: 10AM-12PM PDT; 5PM-7PM GMT
April 9th, 2023: 10AM-12PM PDT; 5PM-7PM GMT
April 16th, 2023: 10AM-12PM PDT; 5PM-7PM GMT
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Course Lessons


Drdha Vrata Gorrick

Drdha Vrata Gorrick is an artist born and raised in the US and trained in the traditional arts in South India, bringing the best of both worlds to his creative practice. His work infuses new life into devotional art by combining styles from India and techniques learned from the west while staying within a Vedic tradition.

Drdha believes that the skills we receive are divine blessings that we can use to elevate our consciousness. He strives to create art that surpasses the mundane and is aided by his extensive training in iconometry, iconography, traditional painting and architectural design, as well as skills in lost-wax casting and clay modeling. Drdha’s main source of inspiration is the timeless art and architecture that he experienced during his 15 years of travel and study in India. His commissions range from drawings, paintings and sculptures for homes and temple projects.

In addition to his art projects, Drdha enjoys teaching art and sharing his knowledge through online and in-person classes, workshops and collaborations. 
Dr. Borayin (Maitreya) Larios

Dr. Borayin Larios teaches at the Department of South Asian, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies of the University of Vienna and is assistant to the Chair of South Asian Studies. He holds an MA in Religious Studies from the Universities of Fribourg and Lausanne, Switzerland and a PhD in classical Indology from Heidelberg University in Germany. He authored ‘Embodying the Vedas: Traditional Vedic Schools of Contemporary Maharashtra’ published by DeGruyter Open Access in 2017.

Dr. Larios uses an interdisciplinary methodological approach, combining cultural anthropology, religious studies, and historical philology to understand the contemporary religious traditions of India. His main regional focus is in Maharashtra, with research interests that revolve around popular and everyday Hinduism expressed at wayside shrines in Indian cities. He has also been a practitioner of yoga and meditation since he was a child, and currently lives with his wife and two children in Vienna.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need art training or a specific spiritual background to participate?

You do not need any art training at all – we will have options for all skill levels, from newcomer to advanced. You also do not need to have any prior spiritual training or background in any of this to attend. Beginners and curious people are warmly welcome!

I am not sure if I can attend all the sessions - is that ok?

Yes! All live sessions will be recorded and there is also a course discussion forum. You can participate in the course at your own pace.

I cannot attend, but want to contribute to the scholarship fund.

Thank you for your generosity! You can help someone else attend by contributing HERE.

What age do I need to be to enroll?

Anyone 14 years or older is welcome to attend!

What if I have other questions?

Please email us any time at! We are happy to speak to you and answer any other questions you may have.

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