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Learn about Lord Śiva and traditional devotional practices for this powerful and profound night.
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Śiva, the Great Lord

Mahāśivarātri is an ancient, powerful, and beautiful night of deep inner practice. It is considered by many to be the holiest night of the year and is rich with stillness and blessings. Throughout the night, we honor Lord Śiva through a range of practices that help us turn inwards, towards our own Self - which is Śiva.

Śiva is also understood to be the embodiment of compassion, the primordial guru, the source of divine grace, the eternal yogin - and of all the divine forms, the easiest to practice for. On this night in particular, the beneficial impact of our efforts is said to be magnified a thousandfold.

This interactive course explores many different aspects of and practices for Lord Śiva to support your journey on this holy night.

Course Lessons


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Ekabhumi Ellik
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Maitreya Larios
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Shambhavi Dandekar
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This course is part of an introductory series on annual celebrations, and their associated deities and practices.