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Learn about traditional wisdom and practices for this iconic colorful celebration.
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The Wisdom of Holī

One of the most widespread festivals across the Indian subcontinent, the ancient festival of Holī originates from a context of profound spiritual wisdom.

Holī is actually a two day celebration: the first is known for being the day of a huge bonfire; the second, a wild explosion of colored powder, water gun fights, and great merriment.

Why do we celebrate in this way? What is the meaning of these traditions, and what insight can we gain from them?

This course shines light on the deeper spiritual wisdom underlying this auspicious occasion.

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Shivani Hawkins
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Ekabhumi Ellik
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Hema Patankar
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Maitreya Larios
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Shambhavi Dandekar
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This course is part of an introductory series on annual celebrations, and their associated deities and practices.